How to Input Financial Statement

Go to Company Financials

3 Ways to Input

  • Direct Input
  • Import Quickbooks
  • Import Xero

 Direct Input

  • Click Add Statement
  • Start with the SETUP.
    • Statement Name - Type In your filename
    • Figures in- Representation of Numbers in your statement. Select from Actual, Thousands, Millions or Billions.
    • Statement Type - Select if you are entering Historical, Monthly or Quarterly information.
    • Historical - Number of Years.  Type in how many years.
    • Monthly - 1 year of data showing each month
    • Quarterly - 1 year of data but in 4 quarters.
    • Statement Start Date - Beginning date of the statement or data.
    • Click Next

How to Enter Data

  • Select which data you need to type in and click add a new item to begin.
  • Line Item - Type in what you call the line e.g Product Sales, Office Rent, etc.
  • Select Accounting Name -  Select from our standardized names to match your Line Item.
  • If you want to delete the line added click the x icon. Line Items Date will vary on Statement Type selected.
  • After entering Line items Click NEXT

Financial Statements

  • Income Statement
    • Add line here for Revenues, Cost of Goods Sold and Expenses
  • Seller Adjustments (Only for Basic and Broker Accounts)
    • Items used to adjust Income Statement to Seller's Discretionary Earnings.
  • Cash Flow (Only for Investment Bank Account)
    • Investing Activities
      • Special Adjustments ( Special Items ex: Owner's salary or Merger expenses)
  • Balance Sheet
    • Current Assets
    • Long Term Assets
    • Current Liabilities
    • Long-term Liabilities and Shareholder's Equity