You can share your Company Analsysis with others by adding them as Colleagues or Connections to the Company.

  • Colleague: Has many of the same privileges as the Account Manager. The can upload assets such as images and documents. They can edit sections such as the Company Profile and they can save Default Settings in the various analysis tools.
  • Connection: Can view the Company Profile, all the company analysis sections and the documents. They can change settings in the valuation and other sections to see the impact, but cannot save Default Settings.

Go to Company Profile > Users > Add Colleague


Request Connection > Search for Existing Users

Type in the name or email address, if the user exists already it will show an autocomplete drop down of existing user name/email. Select the one you like to add.

Colleague 2  

Once selected,  it will auto populate the user's information, First Name, Last Name and Email Address.

Colleague 3  

Under Invitee Company Name, type in the invitee's Company Name.

Colleague 4  

It will notify you that the request sent was successful.

Colleague 5  

If there is NO existing user found

Type in First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Invitee Company's name and Click Save.

Colleague 6  

Once accepted by the Colleague or Connection, the user will appear in the Colleague or Connection section for your Company.

Colleague 7