You can upload multiple photos to the User Image Gallery and select which ones to use for your personal Profile Photo.

Go to Profile Page.

Click on Picture >  Image Gallery  selection.

User Picture  

You can view image gallery options by hovering the mouse over an image. Gallery image options are:

  • Select as Profile Photo
  • Edit Image
  • View Images in Slider Gallery
  • Delete Image

User Picture 2  

You can also upload your own picture by clicking Upload an image.

User Picture 3  

Click on Drop file here to upload

User Picture 4  

A new window will open. Locate the picture file from your computer to upload. It must be less than 2MB in size and image format of .jpeg, .jpg, .png, and .gif.

User Picture 5

Select the picture file, click the “Open” button.

User Picture 6  

It will notify you that Image file  was successfully uploaded.

    Click  on OK.

To make the image your Profile Photo: Hover the cursor on the uploaded picture and click on check mark.


User Picture 7

To Edit the image: Click on tool pen

User Picture 8
  User Picture 9  

Edit Image page will open.

There are icons below where you can  zoom in, zoom out, crop, rotate and align your picture.

User Picture 10

When done editing, click on the check icon and it will notify you that it was successfully uploaded.

The remaining image options are the eye icon which means View Large Image Gallery and trash icon which means DELETE.

User Picture 11